Sample Recovery Services

ADG's Environmental Scientists have extensive knowledge of soil, surface water and groundwater sampling techniques, and are familiar with the sub-surface conditions encountered throughout the eastern states of Australia. Our sample recovery division has been created to assist environmental and engineering consultants, geotechnical drilling companies and government agencies with field-based operations where specialised sampling techniques are required. ADG offers services to plan and manage the field investigation and sample recovery for your next project. We have the experience and necessary industry contacts to enable us to recover your samples on the most difficult sites. All sampling is undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced Environmental Scientists in accordance with the relevant industry standards and guidelines, ensuring quality assurance and compliance for all projects.


ADG offers the following range of sampling services:


  • Undisturbed soil and sediment samples using a range of techniques including vibracore, hollow-flight augers, split tube samplers, piston samplers, and hand core sediment samplers.
  • Surface water sampling including real-time water quality monitoring and profiling in estuaries, wetlands and lakes. Samples are recovered using a variety of devices including bomb samplers, kemmera bottles and Van Dorn style samplers.   
  • Groundwater sampling using dedicated disposable equipment, low-flow sampling, or no purge sampling methods including hydra-sleeves, passive diffusion samplers and discrete interval samplers to obtain representative groundwater samples from below product layers or for profiling wells or boreholes.    
  • Ground gas and soil vapour sampling including field monitoring and discrete sample recovery for landfill gas (LFG) and volatile organics using dedicated monitoring wells, soil vapour probes and passivated canisters.
  • QA/QC sample recovery to comply with AS 4482.1, AS 4482.2 and the ASC NEPM (2013).  
  • Sample analysis (optional) at our preferred National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories.  
  • Field reports including soil profile descriptions, sampling methodology, QA procedures and provision of field data summary tables.

"Our company has worked extensively with ADG Consulting over many years on numerous land development projects involving complex wastewater management issues and contaminated land assessment. ADG has always provided the highest quality reports and advice to our clients. Their experience, technical knowledge, commitment, and common sense approach are invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending ADG Consulting to others seeking expertise in this field."

Mark Toombs
Principal Planner – TJ Kelly Surveys Pty Ltd